Citizen hawk and resident of Central Park,
New York City

We will be watching part of an award winning DVD about this amazing bird.  He has stirred the hearts and minds of the citizens of the city for almost 19 years.  He and his mate "Lola" made a nest on the 12th story of a New York City Penthouse.  The city fell in love and hundreds of people watched and waited to see the baby birds fledge.  It's all included in the DVD


In our library...

Pale Male Citizen Hawk  by Janet Schulman

City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male by Meghan McCarthy

NOTE -  Did you know that Central Park consists of 840 acres and was totally man made. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmstead in 1850.  Construction began in 1857  It is an achitectural treasure with a rich and fascinating history.  To learn more follow the link.